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Need more real traffic? Let us take you towards the top of the organic ranking results for the search terms that matter to your customers! We can help your business.

Spread the good news about your business! Be relevant by getting connected with our active social media experts. Start your campaign today to help attract interested consumers.

Learn about a better way to manage your AdWords campaign. Our experts strategies maximise value while reducing costs.

Let our creative team show you our streamlined designs and website site optimisation techniques. We will bring you better leads and more sales. FAST!

Rogers PR Product, Service, Event & People Promotion Services

As a global publisher with a diverse audience, we are one of the obvious choices when considering who to approach to represent a product or service by creating content and targeted placement to create publicity.

At Rogers PR, we have the contacts to facilitate the conversations with people with their own audience to bring to a product launch or event. Give us a call.

Using the talents and reputation of a celebrity, is a proven way to cut through the tall grass that is starting from scratch in business. The instant credibility injection is irreplaceable. We have monitored the performance of celebrity promotions for 5 years and in that time there have been countless examples of how sales grow when a celebrity is associated with a product.

This pic is an example of celebrity power. We had nothing to do with it. We do not claim any interest in the idea... It is an example of how marketing can make a product come to life.

F1 is a prime example of product, service or event endorsement.

The car without a paint job and a sponsor may be the best in the World but which one gets the most attention?

Rogers PR & Publicity can bring life to your marketing.

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