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What is Sponsor Content?

“Sponsor Content” consists of:

1. All paid-for content created by the Rogers Digital and specific website custom content team an example being (“”) in collaboration with advertisers, and served by or appears in any Rogers Digital medium and

2. paid-for content supplied by advertisers that is served by or appears in any Rogers Digital medium.

Standards and Procedures for Rogers Digital Sponsor Content publishing

In addition to the general advertising guidelines established by Rogers Digital, the standards listed below apply to Sponsor Content.

  • All Sponsor Content must be approved in advance and in writing by a Rogers Digital Custom Content editor before it appears on any Rogers Digital medium.
  • Sponsor Content can be produced by or contributed to by any editorial team member of any Rogers Digital medium. Sponsor Content does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors of any Rogers Digital medium.
  • Rogers Digital may, in its sole discretion, include a more detailed disclaimer with certain Sponsor Content.
  • The form, function and placement of Sponsor Content will be consistent with the look, feel, and general layout of the Rogers Digital medium in which it appears.
  • All Sponsor Content will be appropriately labeled and distinguished from editorial content and may be referred to as "News Feature" or "Sponsored Content".
  • Rogers Digital reserves the right to refuse or remove any Sponsor Content that in any way: (i) disparages, defames or discredits Rogers Digital or its products or services or otherwise reflects adversely on Rogers Digital’s brand or (ii) is false, misleading, deceptive or illegal.

Sponsor Content should be discussed with ceo @

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