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Local business marketing concepts

Small business operators face a huge range of obstacles. The chances of success increase in proportion to the brain power applied to business management.

It is not the amount of time that counts towards winning the battle for customers or money in the bank. It is brain power. Making the time to stop day to day tasks to think about a problem with a view to coming up with innovations in the ways people drive their enterprise, will be rewarding.

No matter how long it takes or even how well a business manager applies to a customer building plan, it is a waste of time if the plan was hopeless in the first place.

In marketing, DIY is not a good idea. Why start from scratch on a business growth learning curve when their are people who have studied the major texts on gaining new business or advertising techniques? It might take years to catch up the the standard of their knowledge, so it can be very expensive pursuing flawed marketing ideas.

The army uses the phrase "time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted": it means, take as much time as needed to find out what needs to be done, what the opponents are doing and what your team members have done before.

The cost of an interview with a professional business marketer is a worthwhile investment because it will more than likely provide knowledge based proven concepts that can quickly turn into customers and sales.

Business marketing consultants are "generalists": that is, they know what they are doing but need a customer to present with a specific set of business problems so that they can assemble their resources to arrive at a business specific marketing plan.

Looking online for other people's ideas may help but where is the business specific help? Where is the innovation?

Rogers Digital publishes business help and advice from a range of consultants at so when you ask us for help with your business plan or publicity, we can draw on a skill based panel of people to contribute ideas.

Contact us to find out how we can help with a diagnosis, ideas to consider and then actual implementation.

There are no set fees or contracts.. Just fee for service if and when required.

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