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Vegas For The RV Traveler

Vegas For The RV Traveler

Beginning as a small outpost in the American desert, Las Vegas has grown in both size and legendary status and can now be considered one of the top destinations for tourists in the US. The glitz, glamour, and bright lights of the Vegas Strip attract millions each year, but this dazzling city and surrounding area has much more to offer than gambling, shows, and nightclubs. There are some truly original and out of the box ways to tackle Las Vegas, especially for RV rental enthusiasts, so let’s take a look at some of the possibilities for the non-hotel dweller.


Whether you’re renting an RV in the Vegas area or driving your own camper from home, there are a number of camper friendly destinations in the Las Vegas area to choose from, with many of them ranking amongst the top RV destinations in the Country.


The Grand Canyon

Surely you’ve heard of a little thing called The Grand Canyon, but you may not have known that this National landmark is only a four hour drive from Vegas city limits. Those four hours are surely worth it to see this canyon’s massive size and colorful formations, not to mention the opportunity to hike the majestic north and south rims. There are many RV accommodations offered, so you won’t have to make the drive back and can camp out for as long as you like at one of the Seven Great Wonders of the World.


Zion National Park

If you’re looking for the perfect day trip, Zion National Park is only an hour-and-a-half away. You can explore many of the unbelievable canyons right from the comfort of your RV, as in many of the main canyons you are allowed to drive through. You can also park and take one of the free guided tours through this vast and breathtaking landscape. For anyone taking a trip to the Vegas area, you will certainly not want to miss this famous National Park.


Bryce Canyon National Park

Just three hours from Vegas lies the sandstone wonder that is Bryce Canyon. This is where the famous horseshoe amphitheaters are located, not to mention a plethora of colorful and strangely-shaped rock formations that are a truly breathtaking vision. If you don’t want to make the drive back to Vegas the same day, there is RV camping to be found at Bryce Canyon. If you do stay the night, the guided moonlight tour is highly recommended.


Las Vegas offers the opportunity to enjoy the bright lights and glitz of the city and also the above destinations outside city limits. A great trip idea would be to enjoy several days and nights within the city itself enjoying the casinos, shows, fine dining, and nightlife, then grab an RV rental and make side trips to check out the surrounding destinations. The perfect combination of city bustle and breathtaking nature, the Las Vegas area has a lot more to offer than you may have previously thought.



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