Australia’s Top Tipsters Provide Winning Tips

Australia’s Top Tipsters Provide Winning Tips

Winning on the punt is what us Australians do best, but finding reliable betting tips to make a consistent profit is crucial to avoid the ups and downs and trials and tribulations of betting on the thoroughbreds.

Horse racing fans, as well as harness fans and greyhound fans, all have their own expert knowledge when it comes to who to punt on, but gaining the upper hand on the bookmakers thanks to winning tips from expert tipsters is a real advantage.

There a plenty of websites out there providing daily betting tips, previews of the big races through the Spring Carnivals or Autumn Carnivals or offering you the opportunity to pay for inside information direct from the training yards.

But how do you find the most reliable and the ones who provide what you are looking for? You have to trust the tips in the first place if you want to consistently back winners, and there are definitely some tipsters to avoid in that respect. So, take your time and consider the work of which tipsters you read more than others. That will help you decide which ones to follow.

If you want a Racing Bet of the Day to follow each afternoon, some big priced winners to back, want to back up your own assessment of a race by tallying your thoughts up against those of a racing writer or tipster and just want a prediction to back to save you doing the form, find yourself a tipping website ( is a prime example of a site covering daily racing and sports) and stick with one. Don’t start following tips from 5-10 different tipsters otherwise your head will be mashed with too many horses to back!

If you don’t have success following a certain tipster, try a different one. But if you do, stick with them – you’re probably on to a winner. One important thing to note is that you can’t dip in and out of a tipsters’ guidance because you will miss out on some winners by doing that, and reduce the strike rate as a result. You need to back them all and take the constant profit.

By following a tipster you are taking opinion out of the equation. The important thing is not to blur the lines by picking and choosing which tips to back based on your own thoughts on the race. That is the point where you will miss out. Stick with the selections, just like you should if you’re working on a stats-based tipping system that throws up a result or outcome that seems incredibly unlikely.

We can all find winning tips from time to time, some more often than others. You have to take the rough with the smooth when it comes to punting. But if you like a tipster, make them your go to place for winning horse racing tips, or for any other racing or sport for that matter. Put your trust in them because you clearly rate them…and collect the consistent profit on offer.