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Top Christchurch Destinations For First Time Visitors

Top Christchurch Destinations For First Time Visitors

For anybody setting out on their first motorhome hire new zealand journey, one place you will definitely want to consider visiting is Christchurch. Not only is this city a vibrant and exciting place to visit with lots of great places to eat, things to do, and scenery to take in, but there are also a ton of things to do in the immediate area. The coastline here is stunning and features a number of great beaches and surfing spots, and the surroundings forests are lush and feature an abundance of great hiking trails. There are rivers, wildlife spotting opportunities, and thrilling activities that are sure to keep you busy during your stay. If you’re passing through Christchurch for the first time, then make sure to take advantage of these activities to make the best of your stay.


Hot Air Ballooning


The terrain surround Christchurch is one of the most rugged and gorgeous natural settings in the world. One of the best ways to truly take it in is to get out in a hot air balloon. There are a number of companies offering balloon rides in the Christchurch region. From tremendous heights you will witness the Pacific Ocean, incredible mountain ranges, and the sweep of the Canterbury Plains. Christchurch is known as a unique spot for hot air ballooning and offers a view that simply cannot be matched. Many of the hot air balloon companies will pick you up right at your hotel, so you don’t even need to drive outside of Christchurch for your trip.


Adrenaline Forest


Adrenaline Forest is a fun park and is known as one of the top family attractions in the area. Here you will see dozens of famous local flying foxes while taking advantage of over 100 different challenges of varying complexity and excitement. This is fast becoming one of the top attractions in the area for motorhome hire new zealand travelers. Whether you’re looking for an epic adrenaline rush or simply wishing for a nice day out with your family or traveling companions, then Adrenaline Forest should definitely be on your to do list.


Swim With The Dolphins


In the Akaroa section near the water there are a number of services that offer the opportunity to swim with the many schools of dolphins in the waters off shore. If you really want to swim with the dolphins, then these services are recommended since they know where the dolphins will be and can take you directly to them. It is well worth the fee to be afforded the opportunity to frolic in the water with these majestic and caring creatures. These waters play host to the legendary Hector’s Dolphin, so if you are lucky you may be able to see these rare dolphins up close and personal.


Sea Kayaking


Just outside Christchurch there are many miles of unspoiled coastline to enjoy. Much of the nation’s coastline remains protected and undeveloped, leading to an abundance of wild beach areas along the coast. In Christchurch, the coastline is especially gorgeous and features incredible rock formations and wildlife. It is highly recommended that you take a sea kayak tour along the coast so that you can witness this for yourself. There is nothing like taking a long, leisurely kayak ride along the coast, checking out the sights on shore and the amazing scenery all around you.


Rangitata River


If you enjoy white water rafting, then look no further than the Rangitata for some of the best rapids to be found in the country. There are a number of services along the shore where you can rent a suitable raft to hit the water on. The entry point is located a short way from the city centre, making it easily accessible. No matter if you’re an experienced white water rafter or just starting out, there are different points that are suitable to any experience level. Guided tours are offered that will be best for the beginner who might be a little shaky getting into the water. More experienced rafters can take to the water solo. Either way, New Zealand is well known as one of the top white water rafting spots in the world, and you can find some the best rapids right here in the Christchurch area.


Anybody exploring New Zealand for the first time will definitely want to stop in at the Christchurch area. With its access to the coastline and the abundance of terrific scenery and activities in the immediate area, motorhome hire new zealand travelers will have plenty to do during their stay and should definitely schedule in at least a couple of days in order to make sure they can get it all in. From ocean kayaking to swimming with dolphins to amazing hiking and more, there’s never a dull moment in Christchurch.

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