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How to Win on Pokies

This one is a really good question that comes attached to an equally interesting story, in fact. It is widely known that Australians are avid gamblers, but not many know that the Russians were at one point, as well. That was until Vladimir Putin banned all gambling back in 2009. And that was a major turning point that in spite of putting a stop to pokie actually backfired and ended up creating a whole criminal circle around it once the Russians figured out how to win on slot machines every time without fail.

How to Beat the Machine – Origins

The interesting story we told you about in the beginning dates back to 2014 when a group of Russian gamblers started squeezing insane amounts out of pokies that were not even supposed to spit out that much money in the first place. And it was all done with mathematics and a modern technology via a certain app (which is not available anywhere and was never intended for the broad public in the first place).

How to Win on Slot Machines

The thing about pokies, be it online or in a brick and mortar casino is that they will always give out only a set amount back to the players to ensure profit for the house. In Australia, the figure revolves around 87% payout, which means that over a long period of time, the slot machine will spit out 87% of the money it munched on from other gamblers and really make one lucky man or gal’s day.

However, the slot spel på Vera John is by far a perfect body and as surprising as it would may seem at first, very far from unpredictable. Because if that would have been the case, the house would be in danger of losing money, not being able to anticipate beforehand just how much and when exactly the profits are going to flow in.

But the Russian gang we mentioned before worked in collaboration with highly skilled mathematicians who were able to figure out the pokies’ algorithm. By now we should also mention that the method was not full proof, as it only worked on a specific make and model, namely the Aristocrat Mark VI, an oldish pokie manufactured in Australia.

And the way they did it is fairly simple: the gambler playing the slot machine would insert small amounts into the pokie (cent by cent), until the mathematicians they were communicating with would give the que to bet big. The boys back at the headquarters would signal the upcoming big win via the app on the phone, which alerted the gambler to insert high amounts which were then met with insane returns on the spot.

Can One Still Win on Pokies Today?

We wouldn’t be writing about it if the authorities didn’t catch wind of what was going on and managed to shut everything down. At the same time, we are aware that by now, some really determined folks have managed to come up with many ingenious ways of beating the machine. However, we don’t encourage this kind of behavior since it can land you some serious time behind bars. Oh, and one last thing, the Aristocrat Mark VI is still in use today, despite everything that happened, and there are actually 100,000 still functional. But don’t get any funny ideas, ok?

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