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Learn How to Balance Blood Sugar with Essential Oils

So, you went for a routine check-up at the local clinic and discovered that you have diabetes. Relax, it has happened with most of us, and there is no need to panic yet. If your diabetes is at an early stage or you have prediabetes, then things are not as gloomy as they seem. You can still balance the blood sugars by trying some tips shared by the experts.

What to Do When You Are Diagnosed with Diabetes?

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, your first step should be to learn about the types of diabetes by reading reliable resources like this one. It will enlighten you on which stage of diabetes you are at and will assist you in knowing what kind of treatment you need or what lifestyle changes you ought to make.

Are Supplements a Good Option?

Yes, treating diabetes or controlling the blood sugar with supplements like Yes Wellness discount Dr. Hauschka makeup is a smart move as they help you to stop diabetes from progressing cost-effectively. Supplements like these are also free of side effects so you can use them for long.

Balancing Blood Sugar with Essential Oils

Another smart way to keep a check on blood sugar levels is to depend on essential oils. How? Read on to know.

Ø  Lemon

The first step to controlling the blood sugar levels naturally is to have some lemon with water in the mornings. It will not only help in flushing out any toxins from your body but will also help in supporting the liver and balancing blood sugar levels. Lemon, like many other citrus oils, can also improve concentration levels or encourage a happy spirit.

Ø  Grapefruit

Grapefruit is an awesome choice for people who have diabetes because it can lessen your cravings for sugar. It can also encourage healthy weight and enhance metabolism. It helps you to have a healthy appetite and a happy mood as well. When you crave sugar-based products, add two drops of grapefruit oil to sparkling water and a bit of lime juice. It will act as a pick me up with no sugar and help control your sugar cravings.

Ø  Cinnamon

This essential oil has been trusted to support blood sugar balance for a long while now. It supports your pancreas and also helps you to have a healthy weight. It is also loaded with antioxidants and has an anti-inflammatory effect which is awesome for your overall health, not just controlling the blood sugar levels.

Ø  Wild Orange

It is a well-known fact that diabetes can hamper the immune system of a person. If you don’t want your immunity system to be compromised and want to boost it further then, you should try the wild orange essential oil. The smell of fresh oranges is captured in this oil. It is also known to help boost the mood of a user, promote relaxation, help control stress levels and promote good sleep.

Ø  Oregano

If you want to strengthen your immune system so that you don’t get any health issues in the future, you should place your trust in oregano. It is a powerful antioxidant that enhances your immunity levels. You can use it as soon as you think that your immunity is being challenged and you might be under the weather. For instance, when you see the first signs of cold, you can use Oregano. It is also a reliable cleaning agent and can even ensure that you have a healthy respiratory response. Oregano has the potential to lower both, high blood sugar levels as well as high blood pressure.

Ø  Lavender

Last on the list but not the least is lavender essential oil. The aroma of this oil is simply magical, and some people love the aroma so much that they make this essential oil a vital part of their day to day lives. Lavender has been used widely since years to help with skin problems and the role it can play in healing wounds, burns, and cuts.

You can simply inhale lavender to relax your senses and get a good night’s sleep. You can diffuse it at bedtime in your room and even your kids’ rooms as well. It will help you to have quality sleep and wake up relaxed. If you want to go a step ahead, you can diffuse lavender as well as wild orange at night. The combination would be incredible.

When you sleep with peace at nighttime, your body will rest, relax, re-build and allow you to boost your immunity, enhance overall health and get support with blood sugar levels.


Now, if you are convinced that blood sugar can be balanced with essential oils, we recommend that you buy a bigger batch of essential oils because apart from you, it can also help your fur baby in a lot of different ways.

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